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LOC AUTO TARAVAO - Rentals Cars in Tahiti

General Conditions of Rental cars in Tahiti

The renter agrees to give all the necessary informations for the rental contract : identity, address, driving licence and payment means. Rented the car to another driver is totally forbidden under legal penalities : Any sub-rental will lead to the cancellation of the rental contract without any recourse against LocAuto Taravao. The sums paid to Locauto will remain vested. Every driver must be old of at least 21 years and be at least 2 years old of licence.


The renter must return the car, keys, accessories and documents to LocAuto Taravao in the mentioned place in the rental contract. The car shall be returned in the same condition of neatness. Otherwise, renter shall have to pay the cleaning and overhauling cost = 5000 (five thousand) pacific francs.


The normal mechanical wear is chargeable to LocAuto Taravao. All the repairs resulting(coming) from an abnormal wear or from a carelessness on behalf of the tenant, will be in the responsibility and executed that after written agreement and according to the directives of LocAuto Taravao. In no condition, the tenant can protest of damages, is for delay in the delivery of the car, cancellation of the rent or the fixed asset(the immobilization) in case of repairs made during the rent. Renter shall have to also pay unusual damaged tyres. The responsibility of LocAuto Taravao can never be hired even in the event of an accident by people or by things caused by construction default or by previous repairs. Any transformation repair, mechanical intervention on the vehicle is formally forbidden.

The fuel is in the exclusive responsability of the customer. The tenant has to verify once a week the levels of oil and water or be thought of in the deposit LocAuto Taravao as check and put in levels.


The tenant has to drive the vehicle reasonably and according to all the legislations and the regulations in force regarding road traffic (an extract of the traffic rules is put at the disposal of the tenant in the vehicle) and he has to make sure that he knows all the local applicable rules of driving. The tenant should never lead the vehicle when he is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or quite different substance susceptible to alter his capacity to drive or for every driver.

The tenant has to make sure that any luggage or any goods transported in the vehicle is enough reassured not to damage the vehicle or establish a risk for the passengers. He guarantees not to use the vehicle in illicit purposes or in transport of people for a fee, not to overload the rented vehicle by transporting passengers number upper to that indicated on the car registration document, not to use the car on tracks. The tenant has to assure the guarding of the vehicle with the biggest care like a good father and, in any event, the tenant has to make sure that he is closed and protected thanks to his antitheft devices when he is parked or left unsupervised. The tenant never has to leave the vehicle with keys on the contact. In case of damage or of theft, the tenant has to transmit to LocAuto Taravao the accident report of accident immediately. In case of theft, the tenant makes a commitment to bring to LocAuto Taravao, the receipt of declaration of theft put back by the authorities.


The tenant can be held responsible to LocAuto Taravao of any breach of trust mentioned above. Any negligence in the respect for the mentioned obligations can limit quite straight ahead to compensation of the damage to which the tenant would have been able to aspire. In case of non compliance with one of the obligations, LocAuto Taravao reserves the right to ask for the immediate return of the vehicle.


Duration and price lists of the rent: the cost estimated by the rent and by its secondary performances, is payable beforehand, at the reservation. It includes: the price of the rent calculated on the current price lists during the rental agreement signature.


The amount of the security deposit is 85,000 francs pacific on all vehicles except the Dacia Duster model which is 100,000 francs pacific. The deposit can be made by means of an international bank card imprint by a LocAuto Taravao agent. The security deposit can also be made by means of a Polynesian check in the name of the tenant or in cash. The deposit amount is not collected at the start of the rental period. This deposit is valid up to one month after the rental to cover, if necessary, the payment of expenses incurred by the tenant such as: breach, masked repairs of the vehicle, theft of spare parts etc …


This list is not exhaustive: conduct under the influence of alcohol or drugs, conduct of a person not registered in the lease, impoundment, negligence of the tenant etc ...


In case of a vehicle breakdown a replacement vehicle will be proposed to the tenant. If a vehicle of the same category is not available, it can be replaced by a vehicle of another category. If the tenant refuses this proposal, the contract will end immediately and the amount of the costs will be refunded to him without penalty.


LocAuto Taravao offers the option to buy a franchise with a cost of 1000 francs per rental day. This option allows the non-application of the insurance deductible in case of damage covered by our insurance contracts. Under no circumstances does the "buy-back" option remove the liability of the tenant in the event of damage to the vehicle due to negligence or in the event of a responsible accident under the influence of alcohol. The purchase of a franchise does not cover damage to the vehicle in the event of the latter traveling outside the roads. The purchase of a franchise does not cover damages caused to tires such as punctures or tears, the repair or replacement of which remains the responsibility of the tenant without any possible recourse against the renter. Similarly, the purchase of a franchise does not cover damages inside the passenger compartment.


Within the limit of available stocks, booster seats and / or child car seats will be made available at the request of the tenant at the time of booking. In case of non-return of the car seat, an indemnity of 25 000 francs will be retained on the security deposit.


If the reservation is canceled within 48 hours before the start of the rental period, the rental will be refunded in full, after deduction of the handling fee of 2500 francs. In case of cancellation less than 48 hours, the first day of rental and the costs of the file remain the responsibility of the tenant.